Hi. My name is Trish Hart.

Last century, I decided I wanted to be a wildlife artist.

I love all beasties (except for big hairy spiders of course)
– I’ve wandered amongst emperor penguins and chicks in the Antarctic
– I  have watched a kangaroo give birth
– swum with reef sharks and giant 10 metre whale sharks in Exmouth
– come eye to eye with an orca and was able to touch him
– patted purring cheetahs – been licked by a wolf – weed on by a koala
– snorkeled with green turtles  – scratched by an ocelot kitten
– sniffed by a weddell seal pup in the Antarctic
– had my shoes pecked to bits by Galapagos penguins
– had my fingers sucked by a baby orangutan – fed a polar bear  –  was sneezed on by a walrus – patted a beluga on the tongue – been adopted by a rockhopper penguin…

– what more can I say? Life’s been good… but messy.